Timbuk2 Power Commute messenger and Power Q backpack bags are now keeping your devices charged while on the go

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Earlier in the year we went hands-on with a Powerbag, which as the name implies — is power in a bag. And well, given we are often lugging our gear around in a bag and we are often concerned about keeping that gear powered up — we were impressed. On that note, it looks like another bag manufacturer has stepped up with some powered bags. The latest is Timbuk2 who have announced the Power Commute and the Power Q. The former is a messenger style and the latter is a backpack. Both bags will include Joey’s T1 power supply and internal cabling.

In terms of use, Timbuk2 appears to have made things rather simple. They took away the buttons and allow the battery begin to charge as soon as a device is plugged in. As for powering the internal battery, that is done by way of a regular wall outlet — plug the charger in the wall and the other end in the bag. And for those curious, this means you can plug your bag into the wall and plug your gadgets into the bag and charge both at the same time.

While this all sounds really good, and we here at GadgeTell are anxious to get some hands-on time with one (or both models), it looks like everyone will be waiting. Both of these bags are expected to arrive for sale on the Timbuk2 website in October with retail availability coming in February. Finally, both the Power Commute and the Power Q will retail for $199.

Via [Timbuk2] and [GizMag]

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