Nokia Windows Phones may be coming to Sprint and Verizon in the not to distant future

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We obviously still need quite a bit more in terms of detail on this one, however it is looking like Sprint and Verizon Wireless users may soon be able to get Nokia branded Windows Phone devices. The details are coming by way of a recent interview that the folks over at Neowin did with Richard Kerris. And for those not familiar with Kerris, he is Nokia’s vice president of worldwide developer relations. Anyway, according to Kerris, “it wont be long” before Verizon Wireless and Sprint have Nokia Windows Phone offerings. Of course, we realize that everyones definition of won’t be long will vary so we will try and keep the excitement in check. Not to mention, there is the little point of which and how many models will be coming to each of the carriers. Bottom line, while the news is not quite breath taking, it does offer some hope for those on Sprint or Verizon that happen to want Windows Phone.

Via [neowin]

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