Verizon confirms the July 12th launch date for the Galaxy S III smartphone, does it in a sort of shady way

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Earlier this morning we mentioned how the availability date for the Verizon Galaxy S III had slipped from July 10th till July 12th. And well, it looks like this has since been confirmed (in a rather shady way) by Big Red. You see, back on July 6th (see via link below), Verizon offered up a post titled “Samsung Galaxy S III Available July 10″ on their website. And those visiting that same post will see almost the same thing, except the 10 has been changed to a 12. Furthermore, the remainder of that post now reflects the 12th as the shipping date. In fact, it seems that Verizon has entirely scrubbed the 10th — that is until you look at the URL or follow the link to the “news release” which still reflects the 10th. Bottom line here, it looks like Verizon tried to sneak this one in and got caught. Shame on you Verizon — at least use an update note somewhere in the post. Regardless though, shady change or not, one thing is certain — those planning to make an in-store purchase on the 10th will now be waiting till the 12th.

Via [Verizon Wireless]

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