Staples makes it official, launches pre-order sales for the Nexus 7 tablet

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We began to see hints of the Nexus 7 tablet availability with Staples a few days back. Though, at the time the listings looked a bit odd and were missing some items such as images. They did however give us an early look at potential shipping dates. And now flashing forward back till the present time, Staples has come forward with an official announcement — pre-orders are now available. They will have the 8GB and 16GB models available and the pricing will be the same as with Google — $199 and $249. Otherwise, Staples notes that both models will also be available in-store sometime “later this month.” Bottom line, pre-orders are available and just like with Google, Staples is remaining quiet on the actual shipping dates. Regardless though, this does give a nice option for those who prefer to check a device out in real life before committing to a purchase.

Via [MarketWatch]

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