Tweet Lanes becomes the latest Twitter app for Android, available today with the promise of “Pure Twitter, Pure Android”

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Android users now have another Twitter app available for use. Well, they do if they happen to be in the bunch that is running Android 4.0 or later, which as of this point means Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. The app is called Tweet Lanes, which is available by way of Google Play and currently sitting at version 0.1.9. Of course, as some will likely realize by the version number — Tweet Lanes is still in the early days and does not necessarily seem to be fully baked just yet. But on the positive side, the app does appear to have a nice styling along with the basics. It also has the promise of “lots more features coming soon.” But in the meantime, while we are waiting for more to arrive, here is what you can expect as of today;

  • The native Android ICS styling has been shamelessly applied to Tweet Lanes, which makes for the most beautiful Twitter client available on Android.
  • Designed and engineered to adhere strictly to the Android Design guidelines.
  • Fully embraces the Android swipe controls.
  • VolScroll™ – Use the hardware volume buttons to quickly navigate your feed. Very handy on larger phones such as the Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S3!
  • Interact with multiple tweets at the same time using multiple selection. Very handy for replying to multiple people in a single tweet or blocking spammers.
  • Multiple account support.
  • Automatically preview images and videos in your feed.
  • Get ready for a new means of tweeting. There’s no ‘New Tweet’ button here. Instead, the ever present Context Tweet Box will serve all your tweet-creation needs.

Via [Google Play] and [AndroidCommunity]

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