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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is Airbac’s Ring backpack.

Airbac actually has an inflatable air-bladder… heh, bladder… that protects your back, and perhaps more importantly, your gadgets.

With a regular backpack, you might carry a lot of the weight in the shoulders and spine. The Airbac helps distribute the weight more evenly. The air-bladder sits low, following the natural curve of your back so the weight sits just above your waist. The shoulder straps have fat cushioned padding all the way down and on the back for your shoulder blades. It’s all extremely comfortable.

I picture myself back in the day as a student, stumbling into class at the last possible moment after a mad dash across campus, sliding myself into a chair and my backpack off one shoulder in the same movement and *BANG* that sound was the edge of my laptop slamming into a concrete floor, whoops!

But with the Airbac, the inflatable bladder actually starts at the lower back and then curves around the bottom of the bag, so it bounces off the floor. Meanwhile the laptop is in an extra padded sleeve and is secured in with a velcro strap. If I had this back pack, I wouldn’t need to use paper clips to jimmy open my disc drive every time I want to watch a movie.

As for the rest of the pockets, the main compartment has the laptop/tablet sleeve and a huge area for books clothes and other big stuff. The front pocket has has an interior divider with slots for pens, wallets, notepads, etc. And the very front pocket has sturdy breathing holes lined with metal, you could use this to dry out wet clothes or if you’re extreme, tie things on. There are also two side water bottle pockets. Basically, if you can’t find room for your stuff in this bag, maybe it’s time to give up your possessions and wander the earth only bringing what you can tie in a bindle.

Here’s a graphic showing how the Airbac helps us complete the transition from prehistoric proto-man to the 21st century.

The air bladder comes inflated, and is supposed to last for a year before it starts losing air, but at any point you can whip out the port and give it a couple pumps with a normal hand pump (like you’d use for a soccer ball) and you can adjust the firmness to your liking.

The bottom line

This is a comfortable and protective line of backpacks at reasonable prices. And while I don’t personally think I need a bag as large as the Ring, Airbac has a number of different styles of backpack available at their website ranging from $49.99 to $159.99. One of them will be my next backpack. Trade in your old busted up gear and check out these quality bags at

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