Calm down, Samsung Galaxy Tab users, ICS is coming!

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All across the net, on message boards and tech blogs, I’ve seen countless tantrums and rants from Samsung Galaxy Tab owners over the fact they don’t have ICS yet. Well this Samsung Tab owner says calm down! ICS is coming. Samsung announced late last month that updates would start this month and continue into August. It’s been a slow journey but among manufacturers Samsung has been among the best when it comes to updates. Just ask owners of LG and Motorola devices. Why is it taking so long? Well if you have a carrier backed model, blame them. Samsung pushes the update to them, and then they spend time adding their own UI and crapware to it and test. If they don’t approve, they kick it back to Samsung with their complaints. Samsung tweaks, sends it back, rinse and repeat. Most carriers take forever and a day to do this. They aren’t really concerned about the users left waiting-they would rather you bought a new device from them instead.

Have a WiFi only device? Blame the custom UIs tablet manufacturers slap on their tablets. Like the carriers, they have to test everything and they take their time. The only reason Nexus devices update so quick is because Google owns them and since they don’t add their own UI, there’s no testing to do. Just push the update and done. This is the one and only real advantage to owning Nexus devices.

So rest easy, your device will be updated soon. In the meantime, enjoy it, just as you were before the ICS update was even heard of., because believe it or not, devices don’t stop working well or at all just because an update was announced!

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