MotionX-Sleep for the iPhone; an updated review for version 3.0

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MotionX-Sleep for the iPhone was updated to version 3.0 back towards the end of June and with the new version number came a few new features. And well, given I have been using the app since before it was originally released and given I have already professed my irrational love for the app — I wanted to share some thoughts on v3.0. In short, the app has been made that much better. Of course, to qualify that statement, some of the new features were dealing with something that I regularly use the app for — sleep.

Just to refresh, MotionX-Sleep v3.0 brought goodies to include a new PowerNap mode as well as the ability to set multiple alarms and a new music/white-noise mode. There was also the addition of new bar charts, the ability export data and more. But for me, the big focus here was the white-noise, multiple alarms and to a slightly lesser degree, the PowerNap mode.

Beginning first with the multiple alarm mode, this one is rather simple and is just as described. You can now set a different alarm for each day of the week. Or well, different alarms based on your own criteria. In my case, that means a weekday and a weekend alarm. This means I can have the alarms set and not have to worry about making adjustments come Friday night (for Saturday morning). Or worse yet, forgetting and waking up way earlier than I would prefer.

Next up, the PowerNap mode. I cannot say I use these quite as often but it is a nice addition and nice to have available. This one is also rather simple — from Alarms, choose Powernap and then create an alarm and set the time that you want to sleep for. This is done using the Sleep Duration setting. Furthermore, the Powernap section also allows for multiple alarms to be set and they can each be customized based on day, volume and the sound that will wake you.

Perhaps one of the nicer new features, the white-noise. Honestly, this was a feature I did not use at first. You see, I am lucky enough to live on a lake and have my own real-life white-noise. But sometimes things can change and I have been on the road visiting friends and family for the past two weeks and well, my sleeping situation has not been as lucky. Thankfully though, I was already using MotionX-Sleep and had already updated to v3.0. This being the case, I have been making good use of the white-noise feature.

This one is pretty easy to set. You turn it off or on and adjust the volume level. For me the default setting of 15% seems to work great. You can set the sound to go off automatically (the default and what I stuck with) or have it go off after a set amount of time. In my case, I have yet to hear the sound go off, which I take to be a good thing and mean that the app is working as it should. You also have plenty of options for noise — either your music or pre-set sounds. I have avoided the music, but have tested out a few of the sounds. My favorite so far, the Gentle Waves on the Beach. That being said, I will admit that while there are lots of sounds, some of them are not so great. Some of them simply do not sound as realistic as I would have hoped. But like I said, there are plenty to choose from and I am fairly certain you can find at least a few that you can rotate through.

Otherwise, the MotionX-Sleep app continues to monitor my daily step count and keeps me active throughout the day with “get up and move from your chair” alerts. Finally, the MotionX-Sleep app regularly sells for $0.99, however if you follow this link — you can get it for free.

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