Motorola RAZR V smartphone announced for Canada

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Those in Canada will soon have another Android handset to pick from. The handset is the RAZR V which has just recently been announced by Motorola. The RAZR V will be available with a variety of carriers including Bell, Virgin Mobile and WIND Mobile and will be available in retail outlets to include Best Buy, Future Shop and others. So far so good, especially considering the RAZR V will launch with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. The one drawback, the handset will not be available until sometime in Q3 and as of this time, we have yet to learn any of the specifics from the carriers. Simply put, we know the handset is coming to Canada however we still need the specific release dates and prices. Anyway, while we are waiting, we do have the specs. In addition to ICS, the RAZR V will feature a 4.3-inch high-res display with Color Boost and an 8 megapixel rear-facing camera. Basically, this is the RAZR that many of the readers are already familiar with. Some of the other perks of the handset will include SmartActions, a Battery Extender, Google Play access and a thickness of just 8.4mm. Finally, the RAZR V will have a scratch-resistant display, DuPont Kevlar fiber coating for durability and a nano-coating on the exterior which should help protect against the occasional splash of water.

Via [Motorola]

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