Twitter apps for iPhone and Android updated with expanded tweets and more

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Just as we reported a couple of days ago, the folks at Twitter have updated their mobile app versions for both the iPhone and Android. The update brings in four major enhancements to the mobile apps including expanded tweets. So now, when you tap on a tweet linking to particular source for a video or article summaries, you can view the video or read the article directly from the tweet details view inside the app. The app will no longer open up your iPhone or Android device’s browser or media player app. According to Twitter, the update also now lets you discover the best tweets and photos for event experiences like This feature seems to be working for iPhone only for now. No words yet on whether it will be rolled out for Android. The next new feature of Twitter mobile app is the improvement in search autocomplete with more suggestions when searching for people. Lastly and perhaps the most important new feature of the updated Twitter app is the support for notifications for tweets. Now you can receive notifications from people your follow whenever they send a new tweets or retweet. You can also not turn on push notifications for tweets for any user via the action button on their profile and edit notifications in your Twitter account settings for your device.

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