Garmin launches the fenix outdoor watch for all of you off-trail adventurers

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Garmin today announced its latest GPS product offering, the fēnix outdoor watch. Geared for outdoorsmen such as mountaineers, hikers, cyclists, hunters, and backpackers, fēnix gives comprehensive navigation and tracking functionalities including trip information that will guide you during the most challenging activities off track. This watch comes with built-in sensors that provides information on heading, elevation, and weather changes. It uses Garmin’s leading GPS technology and sports a classic round watch design with high-strength housing and scratch-resistant display.

According to Garmin, fēnix outdoor watch comes with a comprehensive navigational toolset that lets you plan trips and create routes, record waypoints including campsites or points of interest as well as record GPS bread crumb trails on the move. With this watch, you’ll also be able to navigate coordinates along a track or route going to waypoints, geocaches or any selected bearings. The device is also equipped with ABC sensors which include altimeter for measuring elevation, barometer for predicting weather changes and 3-axis compass for keeping your directional bearings. And for fitness buffs, the watch also provides real-time performance data including distance, pace time and calories to help you keep track of your progress during and after your outdoor adventures.

The Garmin fēnix is scheduled for release sometime in Fall 2012 and will retail for $399.99.

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