Touchfire, a flexible screen-top keyboard for iPad now available, arrives priced at $49.99

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A new iPad keyboard has come available for purchase as of today, and nicely done, this is one that started out as a Kickstarter project. In this respect, it is sort of refreshing to be able to write about how the keyboard was successfully funded, then manufactured and is now making its way into the hands of those who were willing to part with some money before even seeing the item. That bit aside though, the keyboard is the Touchfire and for those not familiar, it is a “thin, flexible screen-top keyboard.” Simply put, the Touchfire is an overlay for the iPad that is designed to give you some feedback while typing on the iPad.

Some other details about the Touchfire include that it weighs in at less than an ounce and that it works with all models of the iPad — original, iPad 2 and the new iPad. The Touchfire is held in place magnetically and is made from a clear silicone. The keyboard is thin, about as thin as two credit cards and given that — it is easy to store and easy to carry around. It can also be easily cleaned with nothing more than a bit of water or damp cloth.

The Touchfire is priced at $49.99 and according to the details we have received — is now on the way to the Kickstarter backers. Those who held back during the Kickstarter phase or those who missed that entirely — you can also place an order as of today.

Finally, the folks at Touchfire were kind enough to send a review sample out to us and given that, we were able to spend a few weeks using one and have some thoughts. Look for a follow-up post later today. And at risk of offering a spoiler, the Touchfire was something we enjoyed using.

Via [Touchfire]

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