Jabra TALK Bluetooth headset now available with Best Buy

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We have had pretty good experiences with Jabra products here at GadgeTell in the past. In fact, we recently reviewed the Jabra Supreme UC Bluetooth headset and while we loved it — we understand that not everyone wants to (or can) shell out $150 for a headset. That being the case, we are happy to see that Jabra also has some lower priced models available. And in this case, they have one that is much less expensive and also easily available with big box retailer Best Buy. The model is the Jabra TALK and it comes priced at $29.99. The TALK works over Bluetooth 3.0 (with backward compatibility) and ships with an AC charger, 2 sized ear-hooks and 2 comfort ear gels. Other details include some standards including how the TALK will allow you to use the headset for your phone calls as well as any multimedia on your phone. The headset also has the ability to pair with two devices at a time (saving 8 devices in memory). Bottom line, if you like Jabra and have been looking for a Bluetooth headset — this $30 option may be one to consider.

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