SugarSync gets a bit friendlier with Samsung, announces they will now be shipping on all Galaxy S III devices

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SugarSync, as much as I hate to admit it, is one of those services that I just take for granted. There is some merit in that because it means it is an offering that simply works. And works well. In fact, I have been using SugarSync for years at this point and one of the reasons why I love it so much is because they have apps and clients available for a wide variety of devices. And nicely done on the part of SugarSync, they have only been increasing that device support over the year. Anyway, they have recently announced an expanded partnership with Samsung — one that could benefit Galaxy S III users. According to details coming from the folks at SugarSync, this newly expanded Samsung partnership means that they will be shipping on AllShare Play-enabled devices, including the Galaxy S III. In terms of use;

“Samsung’s AllShare Play service allows you to search for and play video, photo, and music files freely across AllShare Play-enabled devices such as PCs, TVs, and mobile devices. Samsung has incorporated the SugarSync Cloud into its AllShare Play service, so any AllShare Play user who does not yet have any cloud storage can easily create a cloud account by signing up for a SugarSync account – which provides 5GB of storage for free – from within AllShare Play. This integration also enables existing SugarSync users to access their files, photos, music and movies from their new Samsung devices. Users can now save photos and video from their Samsung phones and tablets to the SugarSync Cloud so they can access, view and play them at any time from other Samsung phones, tablets and Smart TVs.”

Those sporting a GSIII, or those who will soon be sporting this handset will be able to access and use SugarSync at no cost. Seriously, as you have already seen in the above paragraph, a free SugarSync account is available and you get 5GB of storage space. Of course, they also have larger (paid) plans available. And needless to say, we do suggest giving SugarSync a try.

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