The My Verizon app for Android has been updated and the widget is once again available

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Verizon Wireless had ended support for their My Verizon widget back towards the end of last month. And well, as it turns out, that was only a temporary measure. In fact, the My Verizon app is once again available with support for the data monitoring widget. The updated app can be found in the app section of Google Play and maintains the requirement of Android 2.1 or later for use. The latest version is 10.0.332 and the app is both free to download and free to use. Of course, you will need to be a Verizon customer in order to get any benefit from the app. Anyway, the widget is back and here are the details;

  • Enhanced widget to support Share Everything Plans with Shared Data!
  • Tapping widget expands to show detailed usage.
  • Widget no longer refreshes in background. User must tap to refresh.

All things considered, as a Verizon user — the return of the widget is nice to see. Of course, we cannot help but feel a bit disappointed in point number three, having to tap to refresh. But that said, one tap is not all that bad and we suppose the positive side of that is one less thing running in the background to drain your battery.

Via [Google Play]

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