Wireless data service in Europe for $5 per day thanks to Tep Wireless

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Traveling abroad from the United States can cause a major headache when trying to figure out the best way to stay connected.  Fortunately, Tep Wireless has a new solution for frequent European travelers as it will sell you a portable WiFi hotspot device with a service plan.  For $5 a day, you can get 1GB of data, but additional date such as 1.4GB costs $55 and 4GB costs $95.  While I would not recommend streaming a lot of videos with the small data plan, it will be enough for emails, web surfing, Instant Messaging, and social networking.

The service by Tep Wireless rolls out today, and over 38 countries in Europe are able to support their product.  In addition, up to 5 different devices can be connected at once, which is good news for most travelers who bring a laptop and a smartphone.  If you’re planning a trip to Europe soon, then you may want to take a look at the source link below and figure out your best option with Tep Wireless.

Via [Tep Wireless] and [BGR]

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  • Alan

    Tep promises a lot and delivers nothing: My hotspot was not waiting for me when I checked into my hotel in Germany, even though I had paid for 2-day FedEx delivery. Customer service then promised delivery the next day which did not happen. Calling again they promised delivery on the third day of my stay and I received the hotspot late in the evening. Essentially I was without service for 3 days; they promised a refund on return of the device and a month after they received: NOTHING! They also promised refund of my expedited delivery service and again: nothing. I have emailed them repeatedly and while they acknowledge receipt of the email: NOTHING! Extremely poor customer service, lies and more lies! I specifically wanted the hotspot for travel through Switzwerland and had no service; customer service advised me I should have read the fine print in FAQs which would have told me Switzerland was not covered! FAQs? I also experienced outages in service in Italy and they told me I should have been getting service. REALLY? In short, I am very disappointed with the service and more so with the customer service; I never got my refund and paid for service and delivery I never got, so so STAY AWAY FROM TEP MOBILE HOTSPOT; you pay for what you get and with TEP you will get NOTHING!