Jawbone issues updates for Jambox firmware, along with a companion Android app

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It’s not very often that we receive news about a music accessory receiving a firmware update. But this might soon be the norm so better prepare yourself for it especially if you own the Jawbone Jambox speaker. Jawbone has just released a firmware update for the Jambox. Now at version 2.2, the firmware update adds some new features to the speakers including silent mode which deactivates prompts and tones, higher quality capabilities for speakerphone and compatibility with the speakers’ companion app for Android. Additionally, the update also made the volume up and down tones a bit shorter and will not drown out the music that it did before. Another new feature is the separate double tone which will tell when you’re at the minimum or maximum volume level. The firmware update for Jambox is available now from Jawbone’s MyTalk website.

Via [Jawbone] and [The Verge]

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