Tweet Lanes Twitter app update brings a working conversation view and more, still early days for the app

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A few days back we mentioned a newly released Twitter app for Android. That app is called Tweet Lanes and while we had thought it looked promising, there was no denying that it was a very early release. But nicely done on the part of the developer — it looks like they are indeed updating quickly. When we mentioned the app is was sitting at version 0.1.9 and since that point it has received two small updates.

The first brought the app up to version 0.2.1 and included a conversation view, fixed the account drop-down menu height for non-Galaxy Nexus devices and made sure all items on the Action Bar had a text hint.

And for the second update, this brings the app up to version 0.2.7 and made some “slight” feed speed improvements and also made sure the Conversation View was working for all devices.

Again, these were just smaller updates and the app is still clearly in the early days but it is sort of refreshing to see the developer pushing these out so quickly. If nothing else, maybe Tweet Lanes will shape up into the must have Twitter app for Android. Time will tell, however in the meantime we will continue to pay attention.

Via [Google Play]

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