It’s time for Google to make a statement about Nexus 7 shipping dates

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Hey Google, this whole Nexus 7 shipping thing is getting out of hand. We understand your initial launch window was mid-July, and that was suitable when the Nexus 7 was made available for pre-order. The problem is that brick and mortar retail outlets have taken the lead on this one.

We’ve seen numerous reports of retailers promising delivery of pre-ordered Nexus 7 tablets as early as June 13. At the same time, we understand you’ve ordered stores that currently have the Nexus 7 in stock to not sell them until you give the ok. What we haven’t heard is an explanation from Google about what’s going on with pre-orders that were sold directly through Google.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no problem waiting until mid-July, but it appears that wait may not be necessary at this point. It’s becoming increasingly likely that third-party outlets will begin selling and shipping the Nexus 7 to customers before Google pre-orders are shipped. I must say, that’s pretty much a punch in the gut to your customers.

One of the main arguments I’ve been reading on forums (including the XDA forums which has 418 pages on the subject) is regarding the rather high $13 shipping cost associated with the Nexus 7. There was a presumption that Google pre-orders would get priority over others. Why would someone pay $13 more for shipping if they can walk into a store and only deal with local tax charges? They wouldn’t. Why would someone pay you for a Nexus 7 with no clear shipping date when they can go elsewhere and have an estimated arrival date given to them up front?

Do you know what the biggest issue is Google? Your communication. The only thing your customers want is a statement. You don’t have to commit to release date, but at least acknowledge what’s going on. Here, I’ll help you out.

“We understand many of our customers are greatly anticipating receiving their new Nexus 7 tablet in the mail, and we can’t wait for them to experience it. Google is still on track to ship pre-ordered Nexus 7 tablets by mid-July. We want to ensure that the personalized configuration and shipping of each Nexus 7 is done with the utmost care so our customers can have a great experience right out the box. Google looks forward to hearing all the stories and helpful feedback our customers will share with us about their new Nexus 7.”

That’s all it takes Google. It’s reassuring, yet non-committal. Make a statement, and watch the anxiety of your customers melt away.

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