Brewster, a new “personalized” address book app for the iPhone

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A new address book app has come available for the iPhone today. The app is called Brewster and before anyone passes this one off as yet-another contact book app — this one appears to have some promise. At first glance, the app looks slick and seems easy enough to use. The key part here, it integrates and pulls in your contacts from a wide variety of services. The current list of support services includes the following; Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Gmail, iPhone contacts, Foursquare.

The app is available for the iPhone and can be found in the iOS App Store. Brewster is free to download and also free to use. The app is currently sitting at version 1.1.3 and requires iOS 4.0 or later for use. Another point worth mentioning, those looking to get started will need to set the app up with your iPhone Contacts along with either Facebook or Twitter. The Facebook and Twitter login process is simple enough. At launch you are presented with an option for both and can then later add the other if you choose to do so.

After the initial login you will then go through a short process of adding a username and email, adding in your iPhone Contacts, your Gmail account and then finish up by adding any additional services (Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Foursquare).

Otherwise, while I have yet to play with Brewster long enough to form a solid opinion, the app does appear like it will have some value. Aside from the combining of your contacts, Brewster touts itself as being able to “create personalized, updated, and merged views of your contacts.” Some of the other perks include how Brewster is supposed to be able to allow you to see who is trending in your life and also who you are falling out of touch with.

Anyway, you can check out some screenshots from the app below and also follow the via link to the Brewster website to get a bit more detail.

Via [Brewster] and [Bits]

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