Aereo hopes to be all over the United States in 2013

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Aereo is riding high right now after a judge ruled the company is not causing enough damage to television networks to warrant a preliminary injunction. In case you haven’t heard of it before, Aereo is a company that takes over-the-air television signals and re-purposes them to be viewed on the internet from connected devices. The service is only active in New York today, but the plan is to greatly expand in 2013.

Aereo backer and billionaire Barry Diller told Bloomberg TV the company is going to ramp up its marketing and take on “most major markets” within a year and a half.

Aereo’s service costs only $12 a month which also includes a DVR feature. Up to 40 hours of programming can be recorded, and up to five devices can be tied to single account.

Via [Bloomberg]

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