Samsung announces the Android ICS and Premium Suite update for Canadian Galaxy Note users

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Samsung has officially announced the latest update for Galaxy Note users in Canada. And nicely done — the update will be available beginning today (July 13th). Of course, that last statement does come with a catch. You see, further details from Samsung note that while they are making the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with Premium Suite software update available today — you will likely still be waiting for your carrier. In fact, the press release from Samsung states;

“For specific details, please contact your local carrier.”

The thought of additional wait time aside, let discuss just what the update is bringing. The Android 4.0 ICS side of the update will include goodies such as Face Unlock, Data Usage, Android Beam “a more intuitive user interface that includes a redesigned App menu for easier multi-tasking” and more.

As far as the Premium Suite side of the update. This is bringing My Story and some updates to S Note. The My Story app is another S Pen friendly app and will allow the user to “create personalized digital cards for friends or family using any type of content including notes, video content, photos, text or voice.” The My Story app can be downloaded from S Choice on your device.

The updates for S Note break down as follows;

“S Note also includes the innovative Shape Match and Formula Match applications that help correct and digitize geometric shapes and even solve mathematical formulas hand-drawn with S Pen, increasing your on-the-go efficiency and productivity. You can draw tables and grids which are instantly digitized, saving time and effort. Moreover, by using the S Note’s integrated knowledge search engine, Wolfram Alpha, users can quickly search, and obtain information by simply writing out a question.”

Bottom line here, while Samsung is making the Android 4.0 ICS plus Premium Suite update available for the Galaxy Note available in Canada as of today — you likely still have a little time before the individual carriers have it ready. We will keep our fingers crossed that they do not make you wait all that long though.

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