Carbon for Android Twitter app should be available soon, a release should happen during the week of July 22nd

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We had known that the webOS Twitter app called Carbon was coming to Android. In fact, we got those details way back in December of last year. That was later followed up in March with a sneak peek and then in April the development went on a hiatus. Anyway, the past aside, the good news as of today — Carbon for Android is back on track for a release and it looks like that release is going to be happening soon. Well, it will assuming the app receives the proper approval and makes its way into Google Play. According to details coming from the developer, Carbon for Android will be submitted for approval during the week of July 22nd. Additional details note that this release will not be a beta, but an official version 1. And better yet — the app will be available for free. Simply put, Carbon, the app that bills itself as a premium Twitter app will be released for free. Of course, given the many many options for Twitter on Android — we will have to see what the users will think and whether or not the app will launch to a receptive audience.

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