NYT’s take on the rumored iPad Mini

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After two major news sources have reported about Apple’s plan to release a smaller version of the iPad, it is now the coming from the New York Times. Actually, there’s nothing really new about the NYT’s piece on the iPad Mini. It just somehow reaffirms what others have been saying about the iPad Mini. The fact that three major news sources have already spilled the beans regarding Apple’s upcoming tablet, well then, we might as well prepare ourselves for an Apple announcement regarding the iPad Mini during their next public event. So, what did the NYT’s report? Apparently, Apple is developing the iPad Mini with a 7.85-inch screen. Said iPad will most likely be priced significantly cheaper than the current iPad which is priced at $499. Of course, we can say that the reason for this is because Apple will be gunning for the cheaper and smaller tablets specifically Google’s Nexus 7, the Amazon Kindle Fire and maybe even Microsoft’s Surface. NYT also adds that the iPad Mini is going to be launched this year. As to when, only Apple knows right now. Looking back, it seems that the people making decisions in Apple right now have already forgotten what its former CEO, Steve Jobs said in 2010. According to Mr. Jobs, 10-inch screen size is the minimum size required to create great tablet apps, suggesting that Apple will not be creating an iPad with smaller screen size than the screen size of current iPad models. Question now is, how much will Apple be selling the iPad Mini for to make it competitive in the market without sacrificing profit and undermining the current iPad models?

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