Collections, a native Mac app lets you access and edit your Google Docs on your desktop

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A new native Mac app has just become available in beta and is being offered free to download by its developer. The app, called Collections, lets you access Google Docs as if you’re using a desktop app. That means there is no need for you to open a web browser and navigate to the Google Docs site. The app is a faster way of using Google Docs and lets you browse and edit your documents. It even allows you to read cached versions of your documents offline.

Additionally, Collections also lets you quickly scan the contents of any of your Google Docs documents to find exactly what you need. One feature of Collections that you will most likely to appreciate is that it supports multiple Google accounts. So you can set these accounts to be accessed by Collections and list documents in these accounts under one view, hence the name Collections. The app is very easy to setup and just needs access to your Google accounts. Once you’ve granted permission to the app, it will start getting all your Google Docs documents and let you choose a document to preview and edit.

You can download Collections from the developer’s site listed below.

Via [Collections Beta] and [Lifehacker]

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