Seidio unveils a desktop charging cradle for select HTC smartphones

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Seidio today has released a new desktop charging cradle which is compatible for select HTC devices including the HTC EVO 4G LTE, HTC One X and HTC One S. Featuring Seidio’s trademark design for most of its accessory, said charging cradle lets you charge and sync your HTC devices simultaneously. But unlike other Seidio charging cradles, this particular cradle supports HTC smartphones even if it doesn’t have the Seidio Active or Surface case. This accessory features a small but sturdy connector piece which also manages the covered or bare part of your device. Any of the three mentioned HTC phones will fit snugly into the cradle and keep it safe while charging/syncing. One nice thing about this cradle is that it lets you dock your phone horizontally so you can still watch a movie while charging. Other features of the charging cradule include – a matte finish with a soft-touch coating and power LED light. This Seidio charging cradle for HTC devices retails for $29.95 and it’s available now from Seidio or Amazon.

Via [MaxBorgesAgency]

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