Sony unveils new Walkman F800 series, a music player powered by Android 4.0 ICS

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Sony today has announced its latest Walkman music and video players. One of these is the new Sony Walkman F800 series which is kind of special because it’s a music player that runs Android 4.0 ICS for its OS. The web-enabled music player lets you enjoy using pre-installed apps including email, media gallery and more. And since it is running Android 4.0, you’ll have the luxury of loading it up with more useful apps that you can grab from Google Play.  

Additionally, the Walkman F800 series also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity features. It also comes with a responsive 3.5-inch multi-touch screen and a processor which Sony claims has enough processing power. The device has a power S-Master MX Digital Amplifier and five Clear Audio technologies which in simple terms means that it is capable of producing crisp highs and full, thumping bass.

Lastly, to let you share your music, this music player has a built-in xLOUD speaker system which can cut distortion and unpleasant clipping to produce clearer sound. The Sony Walkman F800 series is available in three variants with different storage capacities – the F804 (8GB), F805 (16GB) storage, and F806 (32GB). The Walkman F800 series will be available on July 18. Price range is expected to be around $300.

Via [Sony]

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