Ptch iPhone app lets you create 1-minute mash-ups of media content on your iPhone and social feeds

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A new iPhone app called Ptch has been recently released on the iTunes App Store. The app was created by a new media company of the same name. In case you’re interested to know, the company was founded by a former DreamWorks Animation executive and because of that, the app and the company is backed by DWA as well.  That alone speaks for how creative this app is going to be.

So what exactly is Ptch, the iPhone app and what can you do with it? Ptch lets you quickly and easily create multi-media mash-ups of photos, videos, and music from your iPhone as well as from social networking feeds. The mash-up called Ptches is limited to 1-minute in lenght which is just about enough to deliver your message without boring the person you’re sharing your Ptches with. Currently, the app supports Instagram, Google+, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter and Viddy.

One good thing about Ptches is the fact your friends can “reptch” your ptch, to produce remixes. Hence, Ptch are considered “living media” and once a ptch is created and shared, it will continously evolve into something else later on.

Here’s the complete features of Ptch iPhone app:

  •  Easily combine photos, videos and music into one minute ptches
  • Access photos and videos from your phone
  • Access photos/videos from Facebook, Google+, Tumblr, Instragram & Twitter
  • Quickly order your media, apply a style and add your favorite song
  • Personalize your ptch by adding titles, captions and social comments
  • 100% free custom styles and music give your ptch a unique look and feel
  • Instantly preview your ptch, save it, or share it
  • Share with your followers on ptch, Facebook or Twitter
  • Explore your creativity by reptching any ptch
  • Follow, comment, like, discover… a new living media type

Ptch is available now as a free download from the App Store while Ptch, the company has just been launched today.

Via [iTunes App Store]

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