AT&T may, however Sprint will not be charging to use Facetime over 4G/4G

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We saw the screenshot the other day that started the speculation about how AT&T may end up charging users for Facetime over a cellular connection. And well, while we have yet to see anything solid either way from AT&T on that front — it looks like some details have arrived from another carrier, Sprint. It seems Sprint has stepped forward to make things clear — they will not be charging anyone to use Facetime over 3G or 3G. The details have come by way of a recent Wall Street Journal report which notes the following;

Sprint Nextel Corp., which still offers unlimited data to new and existing users on its network, said it has no plans to erect pricing barriers to FaceTime.

“We are committed to our unlimited data and that means not charging for data consumption based on the application,” a spokeswoman said.

Via [WSJ] and [MacRumors]

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