Latest Evernote for Mac update brings Activity Stream and support for the Retina Display

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Those using Evernote on the Mac may want to check for an update as one has recently come available. The updated release will bring Evernote for Mac up to version 2.3 and with that comes a few new features. Evernote for Mac v2.3 now has support for the Retina Display. But perhaps a bit more exciting for the larger user base — this update brings the Activity Stream, a feature that was added for Windows users back in mid-June. Anyway, for those who need a refresher, the Activity Stream will give you a central place to keep up on all the changes to your notebooks. Well, the ones that you have shared and the ones that others have shared with you. You can access the Activity Stream by clicking the satellite icon in the top tool bar. Some of the details that will be available include the following;

  • Usernames or email addresses of new people that join your shared notebooks
  • Updates relating to added, edited and deleted notes
  • A record of individual notes that you share

And of course, like any good notification system, that satellite icon will display the number of changes that need to be reviewed.

Finally, Evernote for Mac v3.2 is currently available for stand-alone installations and will be available from the Mac App Store as soon as Apple offers up an approval.

Via [Evernote]

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