Samsung Galaxy S III, the 64GB model, will be available during the second half of 2012

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We have seen quite a bit in terms of the Galaxy S III roll-out over the past several weeks. And well, while we had originally heard of a 64GB model, the news on that front seems to have died down entirely — almost to the point of rumors of discontinuation. That said, it looks like Samsung has not yet cancelled the 64GB GSIII and instead has plans to release the handset during the second half of the year. That is the good news, as for the bad, or well, the uncertain — Samsung has been slightly vague in terms of where the 64GB GSIII will be available. In fact, as of this time, here is what they have to say on that matter;

“The market availability and timing may vary and will be determined at the time of release.”

Bottom line, if you were holding out hope for a 64GB Galaxy S III — you may be better off purchasing the 32GB model and throwing in a larger microSD card.

Via [The Verge]

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