Wendr, a social planning app launches for the iPhone, aims to make it easy for you to discover what your friends are doing

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A new social planning app has recently launched for the iPhone. The app, which can be found in the iOS App Store, is called Wendr. The app is currently sitting at version 1.1.7 and sports the requirement of iOS 4.3 or later for use. Those two bits aside, lets get into what Wendr is and what it can do. According to the app description;

“Wendr makes it easy to discover what your friends are doing #TONIGHT and access nighttime events & activities. Find your night on Wendr.”

Breaking this down a bit further and we see that Wendr brings a few main features — Crews, Plans and Tonight. These three are fairly self explanatory by name, however lets dive into each to get a better idea. The Crews section shows what your friends are doing, the Plans section will allow you to set your plans and share them ONLY with the friends you want and Tonight, well, this shows your events and activities.

All said and done, the app seems to be decent enough, though I will confess that I have yet to spend a ton of time with it. The big catch here appears to be convincing your friends that they will want and/or need to use this app. I will admit to trying and failing with several friends — they told me they can already make plans using, you guessed it, Facebook.

Via [iOS App Store]

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