Tweet Lanes developer explains lack of tablet support

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The creator of Tweet Lanes has come out and explained why the app is not yet available for Android tablets from Google Play. Basically, it’s just not good enough yet.

Tweet Lanes developer Chris Lacy explained that even though Tweet Lanes is technically functional on tablets, it is not optimized for tablets.

“My reasoning is simple: I have not yet had the chance to implement dedicated tablet support into the app, and I do not think it is good enough to allow an app that has been lovingly and meticulously designed for a phone 4″-5″ screen to simply be scaled up on a tablet”, Lacy wrote.

Lacy has been frequently updating Tweet Lanes since its release. The APK files are readily supplied by Lacy outside of Google Play. You can grab the APK and force Tweet Lanes to run on a tablet, but it’s merely a scaled up version. Native tablet support for Tweet Lanes is coming eventually.

I think Lacy is making the right choice. There are not enough tablet-specific apps available from Google Play, and his actions may convince other developers to fully support Android tablets.

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