Samsung releases the Olympic Edition Galaxy S III, but only in Korea for now

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We all know that two of the most important events this year is the release of the Samsung Galaxy S III and the upcoming Olympics 2012 in London. So, wouldn’t it be cool to have this two together? That’s exactly what Samsung did in Korea as it launched the Olympic Edition Samsung Galaxy S III, limited edition pack. Yes you read it right, Samsung not only released the branded smartphone but included some cool Olympics-related stuff as well. Inside the Samsung Galaxy S III pack is of course, the standard package plus 3 different holders shaped in the form of a Cyclist, Weightlifter and a Taekwondo athlete. The base of each of these holders is painted with the British flag for added accent. Additionally, the pack also comes with a back cover design featuring a faceless British royal guard, plus a miniature British royal guard soldier which can be inserted into the 3.5mm jack of the Galaxy S3 for decorative purposes. A static wallpaper featuring the same faceless British royal guard can be downloaded from Samsung Apps starting July 22. Unfortunately, the price of the package is still unknown at this time. But sources say that the back cover costs around $10 (US).

Via [eprice] and [Pocket Droid]

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