Story Sync makes Breaking Bad all the more interesting

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AMC is taking advantage of our increasing attachment to our smartphones and tablets with a new web-based interactivity feature called Story Sync. Story Sync debuted last week with the season premier of Breaking Bad, so we decided to give it a whirl on last nights episode on the Nexus 7. Story Sync is not an app. It’s actually a part of the AMC website that’s compatible with iOS and Android. Story Sync is designed to keep your attention on Breaking Bad every step of the way. AMC doesn’t want you getting distracted with things like Facebook, Twitter or other channels. In my experience, AMC completely accomplished that goal.

One of the things that kept me trained on Story Sync was the countdown timer that appeared on the top right of the page. Once that timer reached 0, AMC would present an interesting fact, poll, trivia or video recap of the event that played out on screen. The screenshot above shows one of the trivia questions that accompanied yesterday’s show. It even showed details on a gun that a certain character was carrying. I always wanted to know what form the next pop-up would take.

I thought I would stray away from Story Sync once the commercials started, but I was wrong. There’s a section on the page that’s dedicated to a live message board. Breaking Bad fans used it to voice their reactions to scenes, clear up confusing scenes and even crack wise on occasion. It was a vibrant community, and I enjoyed lurking until the commercials were over.

The act of using a second screen while looking at television isn’t going away. I’m looking forward to other second screen ideas different networks will implement in an effort to regain our fleeting attention while looking at their shows.

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