The 16GB Nexus 7 sales were stopped because Google underestimated the demand

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Last week, back on July 20th we reported how the 16GB Nexus 7 tablet listing in the Google Play store had shifted from available with a long-lead time to a coming soon style listing. And well, as one could have suspected — the reasoning behind the change of status was due to the demand for the tablet. We have yet to see any official statement coming from Google on the subject, however the folks at the Guardian have heard from “sources close to Google.” According to those sources, Google simply underestimated the demand for the 16GB model. Furthermore, those same sources said that new sales will remain unavailable until Google catches up on the shipping for the currently open orders. Finally, other sources mentioned that the demand for the 8GB Nexus 7 remains low. Bottom line, while interesting to hear, this is not all that surprising based on what we have seen by watching the hype and retailers inventory levels.

Via [Guardian]

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