Amazon will be introducing “five or six” new tablets this year, according to an executive from Staples

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Amazon Kindle Fire

While nothing is official until we hear something direct from Amazon, it is beginning to look like we may be seeing a few additional Kindle Fire tablets this year. And by a few, the most recent story is suggesting that there may be up to “five or six.” Of course, that up to five or six new SKUs. In other words, this may include a few 7-inch models and maybe a few 10-inch models. Avoiding heading down the speculation path, lets concentrate on where these details are coming from — an executive from Staples. More specifically, the details have come by way of Demos Parneros who is the current president of US Retail for Staples. Further details from Parneros include that this new Kindle Fire lineup will include a 10-inch model. Otherwise, it would be likely to assume that a newly redesigned 7-inch model may also be in the works.

Via [Reuters]

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