Prepare your Galaxy S II and S III, “Samsung is almost ready” to roll out Jelly Bean

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Alright, for those of us who are wondering as to whether Samsung is going to update our beloved Samsung Galaxy S III to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, the answer is yes. As to when Samsung is going to roll out this update? The answer is pretty soon. According to SamMobile, “Samsung is almost ready” to update the Samsung Galaxy S III to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. And this could happen as early as August or September. Additionally, for those of you who have the Samsung Galaxy S II, don’t abandon your device just yet, as this too will receive the Jelly Bean update. It is just not certain as to whether the update will be pushed the same time as the update for the Galaxy S III. Samsung is said to be trying to port the Galaxy S III to Jelly Bean right now and if deemed successful, that will be the time when they decide whether they will the update to the Galaxy S II as well. If these plans push through, then there will already be four Samsung flagship devices which will all be running Android 4.1. As for other Samsung devices, well, it seems that Samsung will also update its other “higher”end devices including the Galaxy Note and Galaxy Tab. So, it seems that sticking with your current Samsung device is worth doing still and Samsung is not just going to abandon update support for them. Good to know.

Via [SamMobile]

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