Redbox and Verizon venture finally has a name, is on track for 2012 release

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We haven’t heard a lot about the joint venture between Verizon and Redbox since it was announced earlier this year. Today, more information about the service known as Redbox Instant by Verizon has come to light. Granted they’re slim details, but we’re more than happy to share them with you.Redbox Instant by Verizon is described as “DVDs at the kiosk + instant streaming hits, all in one fist-pumping package.” The subscription service doesn’t have a price yet, but it will allow subscribers to rent physical DVDs and Blu-rays while streaming unspecified content on a multitude of connected devices. Video game rentals were not mentioned.

The full service is expected to launch this year, with alpha and beta testing occurring over a period of months.

Site [Redbox Instant] Read [Fast Company]

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