Samsung Galaxy Note gets a coming soon style listing with T-Mobile

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Inching closer and close to a release, T-Mobile has officially given the Samsung Galaxy Note a coming soon style listing on the website. Sadly though, just as we had seen with the press release announcement in the past, they have kept the pricing and the release date a mystery. Of course, this listing does make things feel that much closer to a release and we are hoping to see the carrier offer these details fairly soon. Or at the very least, before Samsung has their August 15th announcement, which is expected to be for the Galaxy Note 2 because that could spell bad news for T-Mobile — launching the original Galaxy Note after the follow-up device has already been announced. Needless to say, we here at GadgeTell will remain on the lookout for additional T-Mobile Galaxy Note release details and keep you all up to date in the process.

Via [T-Mobile] and [Phandroid]

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