GadgeTell Review: Card Sharp, a credit card sized folding safety knife

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What is being reviewed?

Up for review today is the Card Sharp, a credit card sized folding safety knife. Or in simpler terms, a knife that you can carry in your wallet, that when turned out will form into a knife. We suspect that this may cause issues for some should you say, have a run in with a law enforcement officer. But knowing your local laws aside, while this is certainly not something you will be carrying for defense, it has proven to be a nice addition to my daily carry. That said, keep reading to find out what I liked and what I didn’t like about the Card Sharp.

Disclaimer: The Card Sharp folding knife was provided to GadgeTell for the purpose of this review.

My thoughts

For the past few weeks I have had an additional item in my daily carry, and while small in size, it has proven nice to have around on several occasions. That addition (as you likely realize) is the Card Sharp. Before I dive into my thoughts, a bit about the knife itself. The Card Sharp features a 65mm cutting edge, weighs around 14 grams, is 2.2 mm thick and waterproof. Furthermore, the knife blade is made of surgical steel and the card portion is made of polypropylene. This brings me in to what was my first concern. The long term durability of the card portion. While I have only had it for a few weeks time, I can say that it has gotten a fair amount of use and so far — it seems to be holding up rather well. More to the point here, the folks behind the Card Sharp tout this as being able to allow for an “infinite ” amount of folds without the hinge cracking and notes this as being “guaranteed for life.”

As for using the knife. The card actually folds into a decent sized handle and makes using the knife relatively easy. There is some flex when cutting through something a bit harder or thicker — such as the case of the recommended test — cutting through a tennis ball. And yes, I did have to give that a try. Needless to say, it worked rather well. Other use cases for me included basic paper (including opening an envelope), cardboard and food as well as some string and rope. The knife held up just fine and I have to say this again — is REALLY sharp.

The Card Sharp fits nicely (as intended by the shape and size) in a wallet, though my preferred carry was in an iPhone case. You know, those cases with a few credit card and/or ID slots. I will say that the Card Sharp attracted a fair amount of attention. The reasoning here, I suspect that most people were not expecting all that much from a knife that I pulled out of my iPhone and then unfolded. They all seemed as impressed as I though.

Otherwise, the Card Sharp is available in black or natural stainless. I tested the black model. You can have some custom engraving done on the blade, which I suppose could make for a nice gift depending on the occasion. The knife is currently available by way of the Iain Sinclair website where it is priced at $25. The one catch or addition with the pricing, the engraving is $8 extra. You can add up to 25 characters over two lines. The font is Times New Roman and 10 pt in size. According to a note on the website, the lead time is 28 days. I can say that it took some time for our review unit to come, however we suspect that is because it was shipped from the UK (to the US). Needless to say, if you are planning to order from the US, take the time into consideration.

The bottom line

What can I say, I really really like the Card Sharp and will continue carrying and using the model that I have. Simply put, the Card Sharp is a product that was enjoyable to review and perhaps more important — is one that I would not hesitate to recommend.

Product [Iain Sinclair]

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