Acer tackles US smartphone scene with $80 Windows 10-ready Liquid M220

One of the world-leading PC makers’ gloves are off at last as far as the tricky US smartphone landscape is concerned, but surprise, surprise, Acer goes off the beaten Android path and instead charges with an ultra-affordable Windows handheld.

HTC has another Quad HD phone in the works, and this one’s headed to Asia too

HTC’s inexplicable negligence of the Western ultra-high-end mobile market is about to intensify, with the next Butterfly installment likely going out to Japan as a far more gifted One M9 cousin. Under the hood, that is, because on the outside, we expect the Butterfly 3 to follow family tradition and adopt a plasticky construction.


Has LG gone mad? Leathery G4 tipped to cost more than base Galaxy S6

If LG’s 2014 flagship smartphone had one thing going for it in a direct duel against Samsung and HTC’s respective high-enders, that was without a doubt (relative) affordability.

Do more with less! Bricwave Xpress flash drive, fast charge cable

One thing about owning and using gadgets is that it’s not hard to quietly grow a collection of devices. You start adding to your gear, and suddenly you feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of items! If you continue on, you’ll come down with GAS (gear acquisition syndrome). It’s real. Go Google it.

Acer rehashes Iconia One 8 and Tab 10 with a greater emphasis on youngsters

While many of you US-located power Android users probably never knew Iconia One 8s and Tab 10s even existed, Acer worked diligently behind the scenes on sequels to the low-cost slates available via Amazon.

Metal-clad Samsung Galaxy A3 starts taking in Android 5.0 Lollipop

And so it begins. The wide-scale Lollipop rollout for Samsung’s most premium mid-end smartphone family ever, that is. Surprisingly, the first Galaxy A-series member on the brink of a software promotion is the least technically gifted, aka the A3.

Apple now rejecting iPhone apps which mention the Pebble

Apple no longer accepts apps which mention competing smartwatches. A Pebble app developer just had an app update rejected.

Microsoft lists no-contract T-Mobile Lumia 640 at $89, quickly reconsiders

In the absence of any movement on the high-end front, likely until Windows 10 hits general availability, Microsoft’s most hotly anticipated new smartphone may well be the mid-range Lumia 640. Though positively mediocre at a first glance, the 5 incher has sure snatched a fair share of headlines lately with its presumed extreme affordability.

Acer unwraps three new wearable devices, including stylish Liquid Leap Curve

After a fairly timid smart band debut last summer, Acer is starting to get bullish about its prospects in the fledgling, uber-competitive market, although not so much so that they’re ready to throw a high-end timepiece in the Apple, Samsung and Pebble dominated arena.

TechnologyTell Review: LinearFlux LithiumCard Pro battery

The portable external battery pack market is huge and saturated, which can make choice pretty hard. Thankfully, the selection dwindles down quite a bit once you focus on important aspects and stick with it. But sometimes you’ll find a device that impresses all over, even if it may not truly fit your criteria. So then what do you do?

Sit tight, Android gamers, 5.1 for Nvidia Shield Tablet and Portable are both nigh

Even though the newest iteration of Android is a couple of weeks old already, which should have given Google plenty of time to update the entire Nexus roster, you can still count the 5.1-powered devices on the fingers of one hand.

Forget stands. BLOC is far more elegant for the Apple Watch

For some reason, companies seem to be fixated on creating a charging stand for the Apple Watch. Sure, they come in a variety of different materials and colors, but they all share a similar shape. You get a base with a curved arm to elevate your precious precious. I don’t know if habits change from a ‘normal’ watch to a ‘smart’ one, but I’ve never perched my watches. Just laid them down flat next to my other daily accessories.