Asus ready to drop price bar below $100 for MeMo Pad tablet line

We’re nearing a historical moment for low-cost Android tablets, ladies and gentlemen, as Asus is reported to be working on a sub-$100 MeMo Pad. And by that, we mean the next installment in the increasingly popular gadget line will be available for less than a Benjamin right off the bat instead of gradually and time-limitedly getting discounted, like a few of its predecessors.

Lenovo teases Android Lollipop(?!?)-running Vibe X2, mocks Apple in the process

Oh snap, it looks like Lenovo has set quite the bold goals for its smartphone business on the heels of an unexpected profits hike and an imminent Motorola acquisition. Still deemed an underdog in the Western mobile sector, the China-based company is going for Apple’s jugular in confirming the glitzy introduction of the Vibe X2 at IFA.

Sony teases improved water protection for Xperia Z3 line as more details surface

Not one to put on a coy act leading up to high-profile product announcements, Sony continues to gradually let inside information relating to its numerous upcoming gadgets trickle out. After confirming three Xperia Z3s are in the pipeline, one or several of which will measure less than 7 mm thin, the Japanese took to Twitter to tease the family’s swimming abilities.

Large smartphones get a boost for video, photography

Despite how digital photos from smartphones and cameras can be nigh unlimited, due to being able to delete the chaff, there is value in taking a great shot the first time each time. If not for the sake of photography, then at least to save storage space or time spent cherry-picking.

HP tipped to unveil affordable Stream 7, Stream 8 Windows 8.1 tablets at IFA

In addition to spearheading Microsoft’s Chromebooks-crushing actions with a $200 full Windows 8.1-running laptop called the Stream, HP continues to cross swords with Google in the low-cost tablet ring, where Android is substantially ahead of Windows as far as global sales are concerned.

Alcatel takes aim at Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo with OneTouch Flash

Now here’s a bold way of advertising a spanking new budget-conscious Android smartphone. Pit it against a feisty rival in an animation detailing your contender’s main selling points.

LG G Watch discounted to $180 on Best Buy in anticipation of G Watch R launch

LG’s introduction of a sleek, elegant, rounded G Watch R wearable piece a measly few months after the launch of the original, rectangular G Watch sure caught a lot of people off guard. Including, we’re guessing, LG’s retail partners, which immediately sensed danger.

TechnologyTell Review: Flyshark Bluetooth Keyboard

When it comes to me being mobile and productive, less is more. That’s why the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 smartphone (phablet) is my device of choice, compared to a desktop or laptop. I can have more power and information at my fingertips, all in the space that fills a pocket. I do as much as I can from the comfort of my hammock, impossible for a PC and awkward with a laptop.

ZTE to bring its ‘next hot thing’ to New York City this September 16

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. ZTE is coming up through the mobile ranks globally after years of playing a pivotal role merely in the development of the now massive Chinese market. And no one, Samsung and Apple included, is safe from the OEM’s rise.

Selfie-centric Nokia Lumia 730/Lumia 735 strike several poses ahead of launch

It’s not easy keeping up with all the mobile equipment being prepped for launch “in time for the holiday season”, and as IFA, the biggest electronics trade show of the fall, is nearing, things are bound to get even more hectic and harder to follow.

CES founder Jack Wayman passes at age 92

There are the giants of industry and then there are the true pioneers. Jack Wayman was both of them.

Plastic-made HTC One E8 travels to America, lands on Sprint

The hospitable, crowd-pleasing HTC One family of smartphones officially grows by one (no pun intended) starting today on American shores, as the One E8 crosses the Pacific to further dilute the once mighty brand.