Fable childrens’ tablet headed to market in spring

During International CES, Isabella Products demonstrated a new tablet, geared towards children aged three to ten, which is set to arrive on the market in March. We sat down with Matthew I. Growney, the president and CEO of the Concord, Mass.-based Isabella to discuss the product and the planned rollout. A veteran of the pre-Google, more »

Asus ZenFone 2 also coming in 5-inch variant priced as low as $150

We never expected Asus to knock our socks off at CES, even though the Taiwanese tech giant teased an impressive showing. And that’s exactly what Las Vegas attendees got, as the ZenFone 2 and ZenFone Zoom basically vied with LG’s G Flex 2 for the title of best smartphone on display.

AT&T lets you grab a trio of LTE tablets for free to enjoy the Super Bowl on

“Make the big game even bigger.” It’s the appealing Super Bowl invitation AT&T extends its customers, who’ll be able to nab their choice of three LTE-capable tablets for no charge through February 2. Yeah, as if anyone could ever enjoy football on a crappy 7-inch 1,280 x 800 pix res screen.

TechnologyTell Review: PureGear Dualtek case for Galaxy Note 4

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, you (or someone) paid a pretty penny for it. As such, it’s usually a good idea to provide some minimal protection. Gorilla Glass may be seriously hard and tough, but even it has limitations. Therefore, smartphone case.

HTC now expected to out Full HD One M9, basic fitness band at MWC

The HTC-related rumors are perhaps even fickler than the Samsung Galaxy S6 stories lately, literally each new day bringing to the table a rebuttal of older gossip. You’d think it’d be time for the waters to calm already, with a little over a month left until MWC, but still, we know nothing for certain.

Google pulls the plug on the final GPe device standing, HTC’s One M8

It’s been a long time coming, and as much as Google tried to ease GPe devices out the backdoor of the mobile landscape, we can’t help but make a fuss about it. Darn it, G, we liked them Google Play Editions, and we wish you’d given the program more chances.


Surface Pro line up will get Windows 10, Windows RT powered Surface tablets to get an update as well

Yesterday, Microsoft unveiled their upcoming operating system, Windows 10, which aims to unify the new OS among all its devices. The new operating system offers a handful of features and improvements over the current Windows 8.1. The Technical Preview of Windows 10 is already available, and it’s expected to hit smartphones sometime in February.

LG G Flex 2 officially dated and priced in Korea

Here you go, o ye of little belief – proof Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 overheating glitches aren’t as bad as some sources suggest. The LG G Flex 2, the world’s very first device to be announced with the advanced processor inside, is headed to South Korea on January 30.

MetroPCS offers unlimited LTE for $50 a month, prepaid phones starting at $49

Usually, we don’t bother with deals on wireless service plans, as carriers tend to either enforce impossible conditions, or simply attach too many strings to microscopic discounts. Not MetroPCS, though, as T-Mobile’s prepaid subsidiary just kicked off an “unheard of” promotion.

The 20 best #DeflateGate tweets

To celebrate Friday and goofing off at work, here’s my 20 favorite #Deflategate tweets. Balls, balls and more balls.


Microsoft: No flagship Windows Phone planned until Win 10 rolls out

You didn’t really need psychic skills to anticipate yesterday’s Windows 10-centric Microsoft event would be all about the platform’s evolution on the PC. After all, computer users can already take a Technical Preview of 8.1’s sequel for a spin, whereas mobile consumers… can’t.

HTC M9 Plus stars in its own covert photo shoot, not the same as M9

Now, this is confusing. Just 48 hours or so after the upcoming HTC One M9, aka Hima, showed its familiar curves to Mr. Blurrycam, a separate HTC flagship phone makes its way in the rumor mill, with a set of even hazier pics.