Tumblr CTO Marco Arment steps down

Announced this morning via his personal blog, microblogging site Tumblr CTO Marco Armnet stated that he is stepping away from the company. Reasons were not made clear in his post but likely to allow him to fully dedicate himself to “read later” side project Instapaper. The service allows you to store nearly anything published on more » “onmouseover” security flaw: 5 Ways to avoid and fix “onmouseoverbug” this morning has ravaged those using website. The exploit itself is a cross-scripting exploit that allows malicious Javascript to be inserted into a tweet and run code on that users computer. Should you see someone post a Tweet consisting of garble similar to: “onmouseover=”;$(‘textarea:first’).val(this.innerHTML);$(‘.status-update-form’).submit();”class=”modal-overlay”/, that user has been infected with the bug. TechCrunch more »

Firefox Home gets search bar and new language support

Firefox has announced an update into their mobile venture Firefox Home with significantly updated language support now expanded to 15 and the addition of a search bar. The video shows the search bar allows users to easily search through their previous sessions and bookmarks right from the home screen and also doubles as a web more »

Samsung Cetus i917 running Windows 7 spied

Microsoft is being far from discreet about distribution and placement of their new Windows 7 handsets. Seen in the video below during a Channel 9 taping, the Samsung Cetus i917 is shown displaying some type of home control application that allows users to switch on lights, thermostat settings and even operate garage doors. In the more »

iOS integration and iPad dock coming to BMW vehicle lineup

Device integration is always a good thing and even more so when your car is included. At the 2010 Paris Motor Show BMW is now showing for off it’s factory integration iPad dock . The behind the seat cradle with snugly hold an iPad and thus eliminating the need to drop an extra $2,000+ for more »

Flickr eclipses 5 billion photo uploads

This morning photo sharing giant Flickr surpassed the 5 billion photo mark as reported by Media Culpa. According to the site’s numbers, Flickr is pacing around a billion uploads a year from users over a three year span. Flickr hit it’s one millionth upload back in October of 2004 and it’s first billion sometime between more »

Competing for the Cloud, Verizon brings V Cast Media Manager

Working from the cloud is not only convenient but is becoming serious business for a lot of companies and that one of them is now Verizon. Available today in the Android Marketplace and Blackberry App World is V Cast Media Manager – long name, lots of goodies. For a mere $2.99 per month ($36/year), Verizon more »

Blackberry Curve 3G price drop, only $30 to get in

And the prices keep falling. RIM announced that customers are now able to pick up a new Blackberry Curve 3G from Verizon for $30 after a $100 mail-in rebate with new 2 year contract. Not a bad deal considering the Curve upgrade was only announced back in August. And it’s a great phone that carries more »

Twitpic engineer develops NewTwiter account notification

You can give your browser refresh button a break. If you like everyone else is anxiously awaiting the arrival of the new Twitter homepage to your account there is a better way to go about it. This morning Twitpic engineer Ryan LeFevre wrote up a nice little jig that will send you a friendly direct more »

Nokia to ship smartphones with Foursquare pre-loaded

A bit of a surprise came this morning from Foursquare cofounder Naveen Selvadurai’s on Twitter noting Nokia will begin packaging their locations based software on upcoming phones. We have no details as to what phones or when this program will begin to roll out but it’s safe to assume it’s coming. Whether or not Foursquare more »

Internet Explorer 9 peeks its head out, Beta released today

At some point today Microsoft will unveil the ninth installment to it’s browser history with a beta release of Internet Explorer 9. The new browser promises a more robust user web experience by fully adopting the new HTML5 format, amped up media playback and more effective use of today’s Web standards. Yes, IE using web more »

Boxee Pre-Orders and new hardware announced

When everyone first learned about the Boxee set-top back in 2009, we were all equally excited about the the web video universal catch-all to be one plug integrated with our TVs. Placement of the device is obvious and will be a direct competitor with refangled Apple TV. As initially anticipated, the upcoming Boxee with not more »