Misfit Flash promises to track your fitness and sleep for just $50

While complex smartwatches have hugely progressed of late, both from a design standpoint and in regards to what these gizmos can actually do, the elementary, uber-cheap activity trackers are pretty much in the same flawed place as, say, two years ago.

Google exec seen wearing ‘confidential’ timepiece, Nexus Watch back in rumor business

Once rampant speculation on Google possibly prepping a so-called “Nexus Watch” fizzled out a long time ago, mostly due to Android Wear’s emergence. But a tongue-in-cheek, mystery remark directed by Sundar Pichai at an interviewer on the heels of Android One’s commercial debut is bound to reanimate the rumor scene.

Fresh report reiterates Android Silver setback, no happy end in sight

There’s been a lot of hearsay dispersed in the media these past few months in regards to Google’s wish to tamper with the way stock and near-stock Android-running devices are being marketed and sold. At one point, the Nexus line seemed doomed. Then, it was revived as if by magic.

Sony boards Apple-mocking train to poke fun at iPhone 6 cameras

Apple may have not revolutionized the imaging capabilities of the iPhone 5s to come up with the iPhone 6/6 Plus duo, yet the new rear-facing cameras protrude in a very distinct and slightly vexing way. That’s because, while they settle for seemingly modest 8 megapixel sensors, they add optical image stabilization and phase detection focus into the bag of photo-improving goodies.

Lenovo Miix 3 discreetly breaks cover in China with Win 8.1 and $245 price tag

That Lenovo would look to bring forth a spin-off of the 8-inch Miix 2 tablet nearly one year after the second-gen’s release is hardly surprising. But why roll the Miix 3 out with little to no fanfare in China mere weeks on the heels of IFA 2014? And why downgrade the predecessor’s hardware?

Nvidia Shield Tablet with LTE now available for pre-orders, ships September 30

It’s the ultimate on-the-go gaming machine. No, it’s an all-purpose top-of-the-line Android tablet. Actually, it’s both. An exquisite device for mobile gaming, but equally as impressive when used to browse the web, listen to music, play movies and video clips and even take handwritten notes and create works of art.

HTC Desire 510 headed for Sprint at $200 outright, $100 with Boost and Virgin prepaid

HTC was certainly not kidding when “threatening” to bring 4G LTE support to “everyone” with the Desire 510, as the low-end 4.7-inch smartphone is en route to multiple European territories and America for unbeatable prices.

Full-metal Samsung SM-A500 handheld expected to sport 13 MP camera

For years wary of adopting metal as a primary build material for even its hottest gadgets, Samsung had little choice but to ultimately go the premium, pricey design route last month. Only the half-aluminum/half-plastic Galaxy Alpha isn’t looking like the limited experiment tipped for so long.

HP outs fresh pair of Android KitKat-powered budget tablets in Europe

Did we or did we not “warn” you a spin-off of the dirt-cheap HP 7 Plus Android tablet was coming? We certainly did, although we never suspected several follow-ups were in the works. But as it turns out, the 3G-enabled 7 Plus G2 sighted at the FCC isn’t going to fly solo into the sunset, with a Wi-Fi-only 7 G2 also looming large on the horizon.

Meizu MX4 available for international pre-orders, not so cheap after all

While it’s pretty much customary to wrap up announcements of flagship smartphones manufactured by China-based OEMs with ominous disclaimers regarding prospective Western availability, some of these up-and-comers have started setting up their own international distribution channels.

Amazon offers ample savings on tablets and laptops for its Fall Outlet Event

Every day is a holiday for Amazon, you should know that by now, so even if back to school promotions are mostly behind us and Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals considerably down the road, you can still get sizzling hot computing gear on the cheap.

Toshiba Encore Mini with full Windows 8.1 goes on sale at $119

Admit it, when Toshiba showcased an Encore 7 tablet prototype at Computex that was supposed to ultimately go on sale for $150, you were skeptical. And who can blame you? After all, seeing Android gear cater to the needs of the tightfisted is routine, but catching sight of similarly priced Windows-based slates is an entirely different kettle of fish.