Deal alert: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 at $300 on eBay ($100 off)

The winter clearance anticipating spring launches of sizzling hot new gear at MWC and beyond continues, as Samsung now looks to get rid of lingering Galaxy Tab S 8.4 inventory on eBay. Technically, it’s Tiger Direct that wants to do its clients a favor by slashing $100 off list, but you get the idea.

Stop, Lollipop time! HTC One M8 treated to Android 5.0 update in Europe

After a number of opening gaffes with Lollipop deadlines for Google Play Edition devices, HTC seemed to get its head in the game by accelerating the process for certain unlocked One M8 versions, and the Dev Edition.

PSA: Razer Nabu X smartband goes on sale for $50

One of the most intriguing wearable devices to come out of the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month can be now picked up from Razer’s online store. The Nabu X is as basic and minimalistic as “smartbands” come, but it’s only $49.99 and it does everything an activity tracker should do.

Samsung Galaxy J1 goes official with humbler-than-expected internals

Just when we were ready to hail Samsung’s return to form in the low-cost Android smartphone space, the oft-rumored Galaxy J1 timidly broke cover in Malaysia, shattering sweet dreams and debunking wishful speculation.


Microsoft ‘no longer manufactures’ the Surface 2, effectively giving up on Windows RT

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The signs were there, making the prophecy easy peasy, and now all that’s left to do is count the days until the very last Windows RT-powered gadget will vanish into thin air. It might still take a while, since, well, you have to be pretty, um, eccentric to splash the cash on a Surface 2.

Is this the second-generation Motorola Moto E? It must be

Well, hello there, mysterious entry-level Motorola smartphone we’ve never seen before. Nice to meet you, especially in high-resolution, press-friendly form, although we’d sure like to know what your deal is.

ZTE Blade S6 slashes out at Samsung Galaxy S6 with octa-core Snapdragon

Samsung is yet to even make Galaxy S5’s follow-up official, and the Chinese clone-meisters are already trying to cash in on the “next big thing’s” easily recognizable brand. Of course, ZTE’s Blade S6 can be hardly called a copycat, since, well, we’ve no idea how the Galaxy S6 will look.

Most credible HTC One M9 and M9 Plus renders yet surface online

Retired mobile leak guru @evleaks seems to have just temporarily paused his seclusion, turning back to his true love and passion with a bang. Adding credence to rumors HTC duped us so far using “decoys” to distract us from the real One M9 deal, Evan Blass tweeted a picture showing two new devices like no other.

Promo code slashes $48 off Google Nexus 6 price on T-Mobile

Hefty discounts on Android classics like LG’s G2, G3, HTC’s One M7 or Samsung’s Galaxy S5 are nice and all, and they can surely bring smiles to a number of budget buyers’ faces. But power users and incurable speed addicts with gigantic hands still need to pay an arm and a leg for such phablet pros as the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 or Motorola-made Google Nexus 6.

Meizu offers even more for less with $110 quad-core Blue Charm phone

Until very recently, Meizu has been one of the most grossly neglected Chinese smartphone brands on the Western hemisphere. Even more so than Xiaomi, and definitely deemed a second-tier OEM compared to the likes of OnePlus, Huawei or ZTE.

Love is in the air. Also, massive Valentine’s Day savings on Motorola gear

Motorola has a knack for offering excellent discounts on its hottest gadgets when consumers need them most, making basically every holiday that much more special. With Christmas and New Year’s deals behind it, it’s time to crank up the #Motolove and replace diamond rings with their contemporary, more affordable counterparts.

HTC One M9 drops by Geekbench, delivers mediocre speed results

Whether Samsung picks Exynos over Snapdragon for the Galaxy S6 of its own accord, or is forced by certain circumstances to do so, it’s starting to look like things will work out just fine for the defending mobile heavyweight champ.