Netflix streaming library grows thanks to new deal with EPIX

The Netflix instant streaming experience received a major boost through the just announced deal reached between Netflix and EPIX. The “multi-year deal” will enable Netflix customers to instantly stream titles in the EPIX library, granting subscribers access to movies from Lionsgate, MGM, and Paramount. EPIX will permit Netflix to stream movies 90 days after they more »

Palm VP of Design follows parade of former employees out the door

HP may have purchased Palm for its best asset, the WebOS operating system, but the company isn’t doing much to stem the departure of people involved in its creation. Palm has lost several high profile members this year, including the lead of the user interface design team, the man responsible for its webOS notification system, more »

Amazon Kindle for Android app turns the page in Android Market

The Amazon for Kindle application is coming pre-loaded on the Samsung Galaxy S, but you can grab the application now on other Android devices. The Kindle for Android app is now in the Android Market, providing access to 620,000 e-books. Non-US customers should be aware that not all books will be available to them because more »

MeeGo Moorestown tablet spotted at COMPUTEX, looks impressive

There’s a new supposed iPad rival announced every month, but one of the more captivating devices to bear the burden of taking on the iPad was spotted today at COMPUTEX. Engadget caught a glimpse of a MeeGo-powered 10-inch tablet, and though it’s still not ready for launch, early signs point to a worthwhile product. The more »

64GB Zune HD and discounted models on the way

Microsoft has confirmed that a 64 GB version of its Zune HD MP3 player is on the way. The latest device will double the Zune’s previous highest storage capacity and cost $349.99. Interested? Well, get your checkbook ready because the Zune HD 64GB is set to debut April 12 at In addition to announcing more »

AT&T working with Apple to lesson iPhone’s effects on network

The iPhone is often blamed for AT&T’s much-maligned network in big cities like New York and San Francisco. As many have suggested in the past, AT&T has confirmed that it has worked with Apple to optimize data consumption on its network and lessen the bandwidth demands of Internet-happy iPhone users. AT&T CTO John Donovan says more »


Asus promises “at least two” iPad rivals running Google or Windows software

The iPad has the advantage of being linked to a big name brand like Apple, but don’t think that will stop competitors from trying to provide some competition in the tablet market. Computer manufacturer Asus has confirmed that it will offer not one, but two iPad rivals within a few months. In an interview with more »

Chrome browser will eventually support theme syncing

Watch out, Firefox; Google Chrome is inching towards another one of your great features. Based on a few lines of code spotted in the Chromium source code, Chrome will eventually support the ability to sync themes. Google’s browser already includes support for bookmarks, auto fill, and preferences, but themes would be a big help to more »

Google adds file transfer to iGoogle/orkut chat, Gmail chat next

Google Talk already supports file transfers in its downloadable desktop app, and it will soon be available to other instant messaging pipelines. Today updated chat in iGoogle and orkut chat to support file transfer between users. Clicking the “Actions” menu and then selecting “Send a file” will make it possible to share files with a more »


Google apps has 50 million users…and Microsoft’s watchful eye

Google and Microsoft compete on many fronts in the tech world, and Google Apps is gunning for Microsoft’s stronghold of the office computing industry. Google Apps is just a blip on Microsoft’s radar at the moment — it generates only $50 million per year — but it’s a blip that has to be closely monitored more »


Times of London to join the pay wall party

The New York Times has gone on record saying that it will institute a pay wall on its website, and the company will get some company from another large publisher in the United Kingdom. The Times of London and Sunday Times will charge readers to access their websites beginning in June. Times readers will pay more »

Kyocera returns to smartphones with Android-powered Zio M6000

Kyocera has jumped backed into the mobile phone market with a brand new Android phone. The Kyocera Zio M6000 is an interesting device, and not just because its manufacturer has dusted off its mobile phone uniform for the first time quite a while. The Zio M6000 comes with a large 800 x 480 display, 600 more »