Internet Explorer 9 embraces HTML5, ditches Windows XP

Microsoft has recently made the developer preview of the all-new Internet Explorer 9 available at Internet Explorer 9 will be supporting HTML5 video, and it sports a multi-core capable JavaScript engine codenamed “Chakra” (hear that engine roar!), and supporting new web technologies that gives it the edge like CSS3 and SVG2. The Chakra JavaScript more »

No copy-and-paste for Windows Phone 7 Series

Microsoft has decided to drop copy-and-paste support from Windows Phone 7 series. This might be all too familiar to some, as this has happened to the iPhone before, where Apple eventually had to bring back the feature. You’re probably thinking that Microsoft has somehow forgot to add this essential feature to the OS, but the more »

One in two workers use their smartphones in the bathroom

A recent survey conducted by CareerBuilder on 5,200 mobile workers shows that over 57% of them use their smartphones in the bathroom. That’s just plain gross. Imagine this, one in two of your friendly co-workers have contaminated their smartphones while using them in the toilet. Not trying to be a hypocrite here, I admit that more »

Google Product Search lets you know if something is in stock nearby

You get all geared up in hopes to buy the gadget you like at a store in the city. After making your way through the hustle and bustle of the city streets and finally finding a place to park your car, you found out that the store didn’t have your dream gadget in stock. Has more »

Google makes its RSS reader more fun to use

We study hard, work hard, play hard, eat hard, and the list of hard goes on and on. With all the other hard in the list, do we still have the time to do other things we love and like? Do we need to surf hard too? It’s a torture! Coming back from a long more »

Opera Mini 5 beta now works on Android too

Recently, Opera announced the release of Opera Mini 5 beta for Google Android. Based on Statcounter – a web statistics firm, Opera Mini is the most popular web browser used on cell phones, as it is compatible on all key platforms. Since Opera Mini is working on a lot of cell phones, it’s time for more »

The HTML5 vs. Flash showdown

Have you heard of or experienced Flash? I bet you have. Flash has been part of our Internet surfing lives ever since. Every company that owns a website is having or wanting Flash in it (Although as a web developer, Flash-based websites aren’t exactly search engine-friendly) Flash brought us to another level of web interactivity more »

2010: Battle of the tablets

It’s going to be an ugly and downright dirty battle in the personal computing arena. Computer manufacturers – Apple Inc., Hewlett Packard (HP), Dell, HTC, Fusion Garage etc. are going to pitch in around 50 types of tablet computers into the fighting pit. It will come in all shapes and sizes – Five inches, seven more »


Google Apps Marketplace brings cloud computing to businesses

Google has been always the household name for anything internet-related. It became even better when it released its own email hosting service –, which proceeded to Gtalk – an online instant messenger. The next leap was the purchase of YouTube, the largest video sharing network. The world was in shock and awe. We all more »

Google adds location awareness to Google Chrome

Mobile browsers are increasingly adopting location awareness as one of their main features such as Firefox Mobile and the mobile version of Safari. Google Chrome recently added geolocation support to the latest developers’ version of Chrome. It works by approximating your location based on WiFi signals around you. It is obviously not as accurate as more »

Entourage Edge sports two screens, one for eReader, one for Tablet

The Entourage Edge is one intriguing little hybrid between an eReader and a tablet. It opens up like a book with 2 screens facing the user. There is a 1200 x 825 pixel 9.7-inch eInk screen on one side, and a 1024 x 600 pixel 10.1-inch color LCD on the other. It measures twice as more »

Corsair squeezes out more speed from Voyager GTR USB 2.0 thumb drives

It’s not surprising to see very little fanfare accompanying announcements of new thumb drives, but the Corsair Voyager GTR thumb drive that utilizes a quad-channel architecture certainly deserves a little more attention. What is a quad-channel architecture, you ask? Basically, the technology allows you to get higher data transfer speed out of your sluggish USB more »