The oneCAT; a car that runs on Air


It is a while since we told you about the MiniCAT, but now we have the OneCAT, costing just £2,500 ($5,000), weighing 350kg, and running on Air!

Well we don’t exactly have it yet as it is a proof of concept, but an engineer is promising to bring the car, powered by compressed air, to the market within the year.


Domesday hits the Internet

The Domesday book is the oldest and most famous public record in Britain, based on 13,418 settlements in 1086, and it is now available free online thanks to a three year project by Prog John Palmer and his son, Matt from Hull, England. 900 years old, the parchment papers show that the value of property more »


When is Mobile not Mobile?

In the UK experiments are due to start where mobile (cell) phone calls made in the home will be routed through the users broadband connection rather than through the existing phone network, because of the increasing volume and subsequent strain on the traditional networks. The technology is similar to that used in Wi-Fi and connectivity more »

Omnifone offering unlimited music downloads

Omnifone has plans to allow UK mobile phone users to download as much music as they want as part of their monthly contracts. That alone is pretty cool, however the fact that you get to keep the music if you change your contract at any time in the future is even cooler. The service will more »


Vodafone partners with Facebook

Some good news to report for a change in regards to Facebook in the UK with news that they are going to enable Vodafone users to install a application on the phone that will allow them to receive newsfeeds, messages, status updates, ‘pokes’ and other features from the site. Vodafone has been chosen to partner more »

SMS rates to get cheaper in Europe

EU Commissioner Viviane Reding has given Europe’s mobile phone operators until July 1, 2008 to cut (in fact slash) their excessive roaming charges for SMS messages. Studies show that a text sent from abroad can cost £0.49 ($0.95), while transferring 1MB of data can cost £4.11 ($8.00). So what does Ms Reding mean by ‘slash’? more »

UK to get tough on illegal downloaders

The UK government are considering plans to cut off Internet access for people that illegally download music and films. Adopting the US ‘three strikes’ rule the consultation green paper “suggests” internet service providers would be required to take action over users who access pirated material, via a e-mail warning, suspension, and then termination of their more »


Cell Phones don’t cause Cancer

While the headline may seem familiar it seems that the latest study in Japan that suggests that cell phones are not a brain cancer risk, is the first to look at the effects of hand set radiation levels on different parts of the brain. The study was conducted by the Tokyo Women’s Medical University and more »


10 All Time Useless Inventions

Scream Silencer

We all have some gadget or other tucked away in a drawer that we really shouldn’t have bought. In fact many argue that is the definition of a true gadget – something that you just have to have but don’t need. Well you can console yourself that it could be worse, unless you happen top have bought any of these Top 10 useless inventions from the 19th and 20th century’s:

Smartphone growth continues to rise

Canalys have released some interesting research into sales of smartphones during the fourth quarter of 2007. Nokia remains at the top with 52.9% of the market, followed by Blackberry with 11.4% and then a new entry in the top 3 edging out Motorola is the iPhone with 6.5% of the worldwide market. 2007 was a more »

Severed net mystery deepens


As earlier reported work has commenced on repairing the severed cables in the Mediterranean but it seems we are no closer to knowing why three cables were cut within four days of each other last week.

The initial assumption that a Tanker got into trouble and had to drop anchor was initially rejected by the shipping company, and seems to have been dismissed now totally. As you can imagine conspiracy theorists and experts are having a great time trying to get to the bottom of this.

Technology narrows the rich-poor divide

A UN report has stated that because of mobile phones and internet access the gulf between rich and poor nations is narrowing, with 58% of cell phone subscribers world wide coming from the developing nations. This should only be seen as the green shots of recovery though as while technology is credited with boosting development more »