Lernstift Pen Spell Checks Your Writing Through Vibration

For parents, teaching your child to write can be a daunting task. To solve this problem, two fathers from Germany partnered up on a neat new invention–Lernstift. It’s a digital pen that points out spelling errors with a subtle vibration. Designed for families, it also helps kids develop their writing skills. Lernstift is loaded with more »

Pixie Scientific Takes Wearable Tech to New Levels with “Smart Diapers”

For those of us parents who have our pediatricians on speed dial, there is an interesting new technology for you to monitor your baby’s health–through “smart diapers.” Pixie Scientific, an NYC startup is raising money on Indiegogo for this product. Using an app, you would scan the dry reagent panel on the front of a more »

Twitter’s Direct Message Gets Smarter and Improved Search Results

Twitter has released some neat updates, specifically with direct message syncing and smarter search results for users. Now, you can sync direct messages across all of your devices and Twitter accounts. “People use Twitter to connect to the things and people they care about,” explains Josh Barnes-Hoyt, Twitter’s Software Engineer. “Today, we’re making that even more »

Facebook Home for Android Gets an Update, Adds Folders

Attention Facebook Home for Android users. The launcher now allows you to organize your apps in folders. To perform this function, simply drag an app on top of another and it will automatically create a folder. This can come in handy if you have a lot of apps downloaded on your phone, and want to more »

Rumor: Facebook to Add Video to Instagram

With an impending Facebook announcement on June 20, rumor has it that the social giant will release a video feature to its popular photo-sharing app, Instagram. If this is true, it could pose a problem for Twitter’s 6-second video app, Vine. Instagram is one of the fastest-growing mobile-first startups and services over 100 million users. more »

Rumor: Apple to Release Larger Screen Version of the iPhone, Color Options and Lower Price

Apple is allegedly planning to release a version of the iPhone that will no doubt compete with Android smartphones. The company is in talks to include larger screened phones in an array of colors for a cheaper price point of $99. The 5S is set to be released later this year in the fall, and more »

To-Do List App Any.Do Has a New Look, Expands into Calendar, Email and Notes

If you’re an avid Any.Do Android or iOS user, you may have noticed the app is seeing some aesthetic changes. The brand’s website has a fun new look and both mobile apps are getting visual updates as well. You may also notice on Any.Do’s homepage a brief teaser that a new product is on it’s more »

Women and Girls are Needed in STEM Careers (Infographic)

Women in tech has recently been a hot topic in the industry, with a spotlight on some of the most influential women in tech such as Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer and Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg. However, there is still a huge gender disparity in STEM-related careers. The following infographic put together by takes a look at more »

Pinterest Adds ‘Just My Pins’ Filter to Your Pin Search

Ever wanted to find some of your old pins from when you first joined Pinterest? Well now you can. The photo sharing platform just added a new feature to its search results, allowing you to search and view your own pins. How it works is you type a word in the search bar, and then more »

Windows Phone to Take a Decent Chunk of the Market Share by 2017

According to a recent study, the Windows Phone will capture over 12 percent of the smartphone market share by 2017. With over 1.5 billion smartphones projected to ship in 2017 globally, the smartphone market is growing exponentially. Although Android is dominating the market share with 67 percent and iOS following with 19 percent, the study reveals more »

Projecteo, Tiny Instagram Projector Releases to the Public

Want to turn your Instagram photos into a roll of film? Projecteo has made this possible, and is releasing to the public today. It’s a tiny, neat projector that allows you to create a projector wheel out of your Instagram photos. You can choose from 9 of your favorite filtered snapshots. Projecteo then develops them more »


Pleygo, Rental Lego Service for Kids

As a kid, playing with Legos was both fun and educational. Even now, I use them to help my son continue to develop his motor skills. Legos are often used by adults as a way to use nostalgia for a simple concept. Since Netflix is a big hit, a new company Pleygo is playing off more »