Indonesia bans porn, gets Information Ministry website hacked in return


There has been some great debates among the Muslim-majority Asian nation about whether or not to ban the access of pornographic materials. The government of Indonesia took the first step to restrict the access of pornographic materials from the web and went as far as making the “transmission of pornographic material on the Web” a criminal offense. Well it goes to show that when people want their porn they will stand up for what they believe is right, in respond with the government’s action, a couple of “web criminals” hacked into the website of the Information Ministry, and added their personal message and thoughts.

Anti-Theft Technology announced by Intel for laptops

Intel has announced plans to release an anti-theft initiative for laptops by the end of the year. The rate of data hacked from stolen or misplaced laptops has been increasing, and Intel has planned to release this technology to help prevent your vital data from being widely misused. “It basically locks the system, lock the more »


Is this site down for everyone or is it just me?

Ever wind up at a website that took centuries to load? Only to get an error message after waiting for what seemed like an eternity. After that happens I am sure, like us, that you curse the net, the broadband and your computer. In the meantime you still wait and refresh, possibly setting yourself up more »

Windows Mobile 6.1 rumored to drop on April 1

Rumors are around that Microsoft will be releasing their latest update to Windows Mobile on April 1, 2008, which is also know as April Fools Day, so this may or may not be a lead-in to a huge disappointment. While the version 6.1 release is not a full new version, it is said to offer more »


Ben Heck – the console modding legend going ‘pro’

Benjamin Heckendorn, or mostly known as Ben Heck, is a legend for his semi-godlike ability to recreate and modify electronic devices. Among those popular devices are the Xbox laptop and the popular reincarnation of Atari 2600. Ben started all with all of these “crazy” ideas from his basement, warming up by modding the Atari 2600 more »

Ubuntu 8.04 beta ‘HardyHeron’ released with lots of new features, upgrades

Ubuntu 8.04 HardyHeron Wubi Screenshot

Good news for Ubuntu users as Ubuntu developers have announced Ubuntu 8.04, also know as ‘HardyHeron’. Although it’s a beta release, it offers users the latest software and exciting features. As for those who are unfamiliar with Ubuntu, it is a Linux distribution for desktops, laptops and servers. Ubuntu is doing a great job, providing users with stable operation systems, focusing on usability, frequent updates and easy-to-install programs.

Novell focuses on integration with SuSE Linux Enterprise 11

Suse Logo

Cheers to those Linux users, as Novell is going to be releasing the successor of Linux 10, which is the SuSE Linux Enterprise 11. Sadly, Novell has only released some details at this point, but look on the bright side, at least it’s going to be released. Novell stated that, SuSE Linux Enterprise 11 will work on a vast variety of products such as edge and infrastructure servers, to data centers and servers.


DirecTV looks to start up their on-demand service


DirecTV has announced that they’re going to release their latest feature – some sort of video-on-demand which they had been testing out through the years. DirecTV stated that, although they have had been some trouble setting up a video-on-demand system on their satellite-TV, this time, it’ll be different. This feature will be release as a beta version for subscribers to try it out around this June or July.


AT&T makes commitment to users with disabilites

AT&T is following the footsteps of Google and Apple, opening a new segment for the market of those with disabilities. AT&T is trying to open up their information to developers and allow them to create applications and systems for users who have disabilities. This method is called Universal Design, and a small range of applications more »


Could the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal hurt the internet? According to Google; yes.


We thought that Eric Schmidt, the chief executive of the world’s top search engine Google was kidding when he said that Microsoft will “break” the free flow of the internet if it succeeds with their proposed Microsoft-Yahoo! deal. But things got a little more serious when Schmidt explained in detail how the internet-based systems of today are highly operateable, open systems, and the acquirement of Yahoo! by Microsoft would eventually break the system.


Virtual Box; allowing Windows apps to run inside Linux

You love your Linux and Linux works perfect for you. But, sadly, most people will come across those files that they just need Windows to access. So, during some critical moment, you might need to reboot your computer to start up Windows just to open a tricky Microsoft office file or some other Windows application, more »


Facebook to intro their own IM application

Trying to compete in the arena of instant messaging, Facebook has announced that they’ll be launching their first instant messaging system. The Facebook team has been working hard, programming and testing the system. Rumors claim that the stable version will be launching next week for Facebook users to begin using and testing the new IM system. It is said that, unlike Windows Live Messenger and AOL or any other current IM system where you need to install software to enjoy all the IM service, Facebook users can web chat with friends on their Facebook pages as the Facebook IM is built into the user’s interface. Many also said that you will be able to log in into multiple IM platforms similar to web-based Meebo and other programs like Trillian and Adium.