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SmartShopper Electronics rolls out improved grocery list gadget

SmartShopper Grocery AssistantCleveland-based SmartShopper Electronics has introduced several key improvements to its SmartShopper Deluxe Grocery List Assistant product. Changes include size reduction with a more attractive look, category management, improved voice recognition, two simultaneous grocery lists, a kitchen timer, greater memory, longer battery life, and an easier procedure for adding custom items and errands.

The grocery gadget, which can be affixed to a wall or refrigerator, allows users to speak grocery items and errands into the unit where its software organizes the information into specific categories. The shopper then prints the list and enjoys a more organized, efficient trip to the grocery store.

Getting close up and personal with marine life in Google Earth

Google Earth ARKive Endangered Ocean Layer

Google Earth is a dream come true for armchair geographers. Using Google Earth, people can explore mountains, forests, and deserts around the world with just the click of the mouse.

Now, Google Earth 5.0 has introduced a new layer that might cause oceanographers and naturalists in our midst to gaze in wonder at their computer monitors. The layer is called ARKive Endangered Ocean, which gives viewers the ability to view stunning undersea pictures of ocean life. ARKive is an initiative run by Wildscreen, a charitable organization whose aim is to produce visual and audio content calling attention to the world’s most threatened species.


Fun with Google Earth Walt Disney World 3D

Google Earth Walt Disney World 3D

Spend long enough on Google Earth and it can quickly get addicting, particularly if you’re the type who loves travel. Google Earth offers a whole new world (quite literally) of fun and adventure.

One of the most enlightening features of Google Earth is the Walt Disney World 3D layer. This layer allows users to view the many attractions of the magical Orlando, Florida-based resort in three dimensions.

Users can take a virtual walk down Main Street in Magic Kingdom, gaze in fear at the new Expedition Everest ride in Disney’s Animal Kingdom park, or explore any one of 22 themed Disney resorts in 3D. Other fun Google Earth virtual adventures at await the user at Epcot and Hollywood Studios. Keep reading to see how you can have a virtual vacation.